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The Mission of RAHA is to contribute a major role to enhance the Health and Education by ensuring the availability of comprehensive care for the well-being of general population.In order to attain and sustain the highest possible level of health it pledges Raha Health Care Services for protecting and promoting the health of people.

 Color Doppler echocardiogram.

Heart Imaging: Vital for Diagnosis.


Heart Monitoring: Rhythms Revealed.

Cardiac Health Checkup

Your Heart's Vital Checkup

Cardio Care​

Skin & Cosmetology.

Laser, Peels treatment, radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening, ingrown toenail treatment, earlobe repair, electrocautery, biopsy, PRP therapy, wart removal, pimple treatment, psoriasis management, acne treatment, dark spot removal, under-eye dark circle treatment, mole removal, vitiligo treatment,

Explore a range of skin treatments designed to address your specific needs with care and expertise. Let us help you achieve healthy, glowing skin!.

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Comprehensive treatments for neurological conditions include stroke management, addressing fainting episodes due to brain bleeding, reducing facial swelling, managing numbness, providing smoking cessation programs for body health, epilepsy treatments, migraine disorder management, and a range of expert neurological interventions.


Orthopedic care: fractures, bruises, sprains treated, numbness, tingling, pain managed. Specialized care for joint diseases, rheumatic conditions. Early detection, intervention for bone defects, disorders. Effective management of back pain, sports injuries.


Expert urology care for kidney, bladder, and prostate issues, sexual health, urinary incontinence, and urological cancers. Comprehensive treatments for all urological conditions.Tell what's the value for the
customer for this feature.


Expert pulmonology care for frequent colds, pneumonia, chronic cough, allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.


Expert pediatric care for all childhood illnesses: infections, digestive issues, stunting, behavioral and learning differences, and nutritional deficiencies. Tailored treatments for every child's needs.

Speciality Surgical Centre

Our compassionate surgeons provide gentle and effective treatment for all surgical diseases, welcoming patients to our Circum procedure minor operating theater environment.

General Medicine

Specialized care for lifestyle diseases: thyroid, diabetes, diabetic eczema, allergies, and tension. Advanced solutions for uncontrolled diabetes. Expert treatment for high blood pressure, cholesterol management.Your health, our priority.

Otolaryngology  (ENT)

Comprehensive ENT care for ear pain, eardrum issues, and hearing loss. Specialized treatments for allergies, nasal conditions, tonsillitis, and adenoid inflammation in children. Trust us for expert treatment and relief from ENT ailments..

Counseling Psychology

Expert counseling for children and adolescents dealing with various challenges including attention deficit, school avoidance, exam anxiety, personality disorders, autism, speech disorders, anger issues, and stress. 

We offer accredited psychometric assessments and mental health certificates to provide comprehensive support for individuals and families. Find guidance and relief with RAHA Psychology Counseling.

Home Care

Elevate your care experience with our comprehensive home healthcare services. From expert consultations, personalized chronic patient care,nursing, therapy, lab test collection, and medicine delivery .

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Fitness Centre 

Experience specialized physiotherapy tailored to your needs, from neurophysiotherapy ,orthopedic, chest, pediatric, and sports treatments. Our expert team is dedicated to aiding your recovery and enhancing your well-being. 
Plus, experience free physiotherapy every Friday, because your health shouldn't wait..

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Medical Laboratory

Our laboratory is furnished with cutting-edge computerized equipment, ensuring uncompromising quality in every diagnostic test. Choose from our range of basic and specialty health packages, knowing that accurate results are paramount to your diagnosis and treatment.

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Multi Speciality Dental Clinic

 Get top-notch dental care with our advanced root canal treatments and specialized pediatric dental services. From artificial teeth to implants, we provide tailored solutions at competitive rates. Trust our experienced dental team for your orthodontic needs, gum disease treatment, and more.

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Eye Care

Discover comprehensive eye care at our clinic, where cutting-edge technology meets expert optometrists. Enjoy computerized eye tests and advanced IR machines for accurate diagnoses. Join our quarterly eye camps for free consultations and discounts on frames. Your vision is our priority.

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Community Pharmacy

 Experience discounts for chronic patients and access to detailed medication information. Rest assured, if a medicine is unavailable, we promptly order and deliver it to you. Your health is our priority.

Free home delivery at 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm every day.

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Ayurveda Clinic & Pharmacy

Experience our treatment room with expert Ayurvedic doctors and a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines available. Rediscover holistic healing at its best.

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